Welcome to the 23rd edition of connecting cottbus!


This is the area where we all can get together, have one-on-one meetings and contact our peers and friends. With this hybrid edition, we will do our best to provide the same warm atmosphere that industry participants returning to coco have cherished, and convey this to those joining us for the first time - whether online or on site.


We are thrilled to present our 2021 project line-up to you: 14 projects in development in the cocoPITCH section and 6 works in post-production in cocoWIP.


The platform is easy and friendly to use, made specifically for the needs of our market and our guests.


The coco team is ready to assist you as best as possible to make your work easy and smooth. Let’s get started!


Please log in below with the info you received via e-mail.

In case you need further support, please contact guest@connecting-cottbus.de