Welcome to the coco online platform support page,

On this page you will find the summary information about your requests for one2one meetings.

Through the menu items at the top of the page you can access the various sections of the platform, which are explained below.

How to use the platform:

  1. Fill out your Profile:
    fill in and keep updated every section of your company profile, essential tool to present your company to other participants
  2. Indicate your Time availability:
    clicking on the slots, you can signal in green the time slots in which you are available to have meetings, in red those where you are not available
  3. Request appointments to Participants:
    view the companies in the list of participants and request appointments with projects of your interest
  4. Manage your appointment Requests:
    put in order the requests you made on the based on the importance you attribute to the meeting (5 stars: utmost important);
    do not leave outstanding requests: accept or decline the appointments received
  5. Check your Agendas:
    - appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform on the participants' agendas, according to their time availability, maximizing the number of meetings.
    - once the agendas are locked, appointments are set for a certain day and a certain time.
    - print or synchronize your agendas and prepare for the meetings.

In this section you can enter all the information needed to present your company.

  • Company profile: Enter a brief and effective description to present your company, emphasizing the products / services you want to promote on this particular occasion. The more accurate your presentation, the more opportunities to arouse interest and capture the attention of the other participants.
  • Additional specifications: select between the proposed fields that best define your business or the reason for your participation in the event.

In this section you can manage your availability during the event.

  • Click on the green slots to identify the time slots in which you are available to have meetings; by clicking on a slot, you can also turn it to red to indicate those slots where you are not available. Appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform in the green slots.

    PLEASE NOTE: do not change your availability after the agendas are locked without informing


View the projects and guests in the list of participants, and request appointments with projects of your interest.

  • Filters: select the search criteria to identify companies that are closest to your interests
  • Request appointments: once you have identified the projects you are interested in, you can view their profile by clicking on the ‚Äč icon and request an appointment with them using the button "Request Meeting".


Manage in complete autonomy your appointment requests: put in order your appointment requests on the basis of the importance you attribute to the meeting (5 stars: utmost important), our matchmaking team will manage your requests.

  • Sort the requests you made, by bringing to the top the ones you consider most relevant.
  • Schedule an appointment: the accepted appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform on the users' agendas, depending on the time availability indicated by the participants.

You can view the scheduling of events in the Agenda section, where appointments will be confirmed once the agendas are locked (YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION ABOUT THIS).



You will find all the link to your one2one meetings in the Agenda, and you can access the virtual meeting room by clicking on this link.

All meetings will take place via Zoom.


IF YOU REQUIRE FURTHER SUPPORT, don't hesitate to contact our team via email at for general questions

or about your agenda and one2one meetings.